Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts of the Lone Traveller

There's few things I enjoy more than traveling alone. When everything goes according to plan at least. That being said, I am currently sitting alone at the local Little Rock National Airport Quizno's with twenty minutes to spare and nothing to do but talk to myself. Luckily, I have my laptop and access to LRNA's free Wifi! (LAX take notes, free wifi is the bomb) The only downside to this free wifi is it's snail-like speed. I've been trying to download a movie since I got here and unfortunately I don't think it's gonna make it all the way to the end! 

So out of my boredom, I was going through some of my pictures in iPhoto and came across this little gem:

I stumbled upon this treasure at the Getty Museum when mom came to visit. The artist and name of the painting escapes me, but that's not really relevant here, now is it? In fact, the rest of the painting must've not been relevant because all I could do was zoom in on this fine specimen of a man in the 1600's. How easy would it have been to be a model back in those days? Maybe it was a charity case and he was the artist's cousin. Maybe he was in town visiting and the artist's mom said "Sweetie, just paint him in there somewhere on the side...let him hold a violin. It'll make his day and no one will even notice!" Then I can just see the reluctant artist agreeing to it but begrudging his mom every day. His cousin then goes back to whatever rural town he's from and brags to all his friends that he's a model in his cousin's painting but no one believes him. Then the artist dies and all of a sudden his painting is relevant (because he's dead) and now it hangs in the famous Getty Museum in Los Angeles. All for a childish observer like me to notice this goofy guy and take a picture of him. Completely neglecting the rest of his painting that he worked so hard on. 

I'd guess that none of that was actually the case, but I'm bored and it's fun to make up stories. If anyone actually does know the artist and title of this painting, pass it this way so I can find out what actually happened here.

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  1. Sorry I missed you while you were in Conway. Your blog is so interesting. I love reading what you write. You have quite an imagination. Keep dreaming......