Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi Everyone! I've actually already been to sleep tonight, but I woke up and now I can't go back to sleep so I figured I'd blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Since I couldn't be home, mom sent me a really cute Easter basket that I've been nibbling on the past few days...

I would update more, but I am exhausted and need to get some sleep! I started training at my new job on Monday, worked at the agency today, and am training again tomorrow during the morning shift. I am really enjoying it so far and can't wait until I am done training and working on my own! Good night!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Things Start to Rock, Be Ready to Roll!!

So the title of my blog is from a sign I read today - you know those signs that they hang on light posts to promote something and they're on about every other one? April is Earthquake preparedness month in Los Angeles and after the tragedy in Italy I am determined to get prepared! I started yesterday by buying a flashlight pack with one big flashlight and another small one to go in my night stand. I also remember Carol advising me to put some shoes under the bed in case an earthquake strikes at night and there's glass on the floor. I've just got a few more things to get so I can be ready for what everyone calls "The Big One!" I'm not too worried, Los Angeles is the most prepared city in the United States for an earthquake when really they could happen anywhere. So maybe everyone reading this should prepare for an earthquake, you know, just in case! :)

I saw that Amy broke the news on her blog that she's expecting!! I wasn't going to say anything until she did. I can't believe there's going to be another baby in the family soon but I'm very excited! Being an aunt is the best because you don't have to go through the hard part of having a child, but you get to enjoy it very much. Sorry Amy that you haven't been able to experience that...and you probably won't for quite a while!! I've got my fingers crossed for a little girl!!

Besides that, today has been a very productive day. I got a new job that I'm very very excited about. It's a serving position at Cabo Cantina on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. It's a very fun environment and the restaurant is very popular so I'll be able to make good money! The beach cafe in Hermosa just isn't going to pay the bills, but I'll continue to work there if they need me to. Obviously I still have my internship at the talent agency as well and I really enjoy it! I couldn't have asked for better bosses. 

I've also been doing some spring cleaning and trying to get our apartment put together. We still are missing a few things that we need for the house, but I got some chairs for our balcony yesterday. We also got cute little rope lights that wrap around the balcony so it's just perfect in time for the warm weather! If we had a hammock, I would sleep out there. It's really peaceful and quiet at night. I don't have a lot of other news...I just got some sushi and a movie from Red Box so that's going to be my night! If you've never used a Red Box, you should...it's great! You rent the movie for $1 plus tax and then return it by 9pm the next day. For every day you don't return it, you get $1 fine, but after 25 days, they quit charging you and the DVD is yours to keep. That's a pretty good deal for people who are bad at returning things *cough* MOM! I remember we could never rent movies from Hastings because we had too many fines! haha! Have a good night!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Trip Home and Santa Monica in the Spring Time!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I've updated, but it's been a busy couple of weeks. This is going to be a long post! I got the chance to go home for a visit the 25th through the 30th and it was a great trip!  I flew out of Los Angeles at 6:00am on Wednesday morning, and for those of you who know me at all, know that I can't get up in the morning even if you set a fire in my bed so I decided the best thing to do would be to stay up until I had to leave for the airport at 4. All was going well, Jennifer and I went out to eat in West Hollywood and went out for a little while, then I came home, showered, packed and we headed to the airport. I made it to Dallas on time but missed my connecting flight because of a delay out of LA. They couldn't get me out of Dallas until 4:45 and at this point, the lack of sleep is starting to get to me. I couldn't possibly get comfortable at the gate, so I ate at Chili's (alone of course) and then found one of those massage chairs that costs $5 for 15 minutes so I could recline and get some silence with their over-sized probably lice covered headphones. I don't care, it was worth it. I finally got home and fell asleep watching DWTS. (or American Idol I can't remember!) The next day I got some things done in Conway. Mere cooked me an amazing lunch of meatballs and mashed potatoes, my FAVORITE! Mere, if you could send me that recipe I would be forever grateful! I also saw Brad and got a cavity filled. :( That night Mom, Sarah Clark, Sharon Clark and I went out to eat at Michaelangelo's. (Disclaimer: I don't know how to rotate pictures yet, so some are crooked...I need some help with this!)
I realize that this picture does no one justice, but it was the only one I had...oh except for the one of Sarah's mess, which is actually pretty impressive...so I'll post that one too!
Sarah - you're 23. That's all I have to say about that. Haha! We definitely ate WAY too much!
On Friday I drove up to Fayetteville in the morning because I had a facial appointment. My skin has been crazy since moving to California and trying to get used to the water here. After that, I went to Amy's house and tried to help out as best as I could because she was getting ready for her Church group to come over and was behind. She mostly just needed someone to keep Andrew under control and I was glad to help because I haven't seen him since Christmas! He has grown up so much! He showed me how much he loves to clean and has gotten very good at calling Allie. (or Awwie as he would say!)
Here he is showing me how he can clean and also drink out of his grown-up sippy cup! (He's also wearing the shirt I got him for Christmas, Yay!)  That night I got to go to dinner with my friends Nicole, Erin and Catherine at Theo's and enjoy a night out in Fayetteville with my friends that I never get to see! Sometimes I really miss Fayetteville, but then I remember that it's not the same town I am used to. My friends have moved elsewhere and my friend Nicole is in law school and is consumed with that! We got to go to my favorite bar, Grub's, and watch my favorite band, Boom Kinetic, which is an 80's cover band! (Formerly Molten Lava) I was so excited they were playing at Grub's that weekend, but it was definitely different from when we used to go in college! Still fun, nonetheless.

I love this picture of Erin and me. I guess because we look so excited...we were!! The next day Erin and I were supposed to go to a wedding in Tulsa for one of my good friends, Katy McClish. We woke up to a snowstorm and were told that there were 8 inches of snow in Tulsa, so we couldn't make the trip. We spent the day being lazy, then went to eat at one of my favorite Fayetteville restaurants - La Huerta. We also got the chance to spend another night having fun in Fayetteville. 
Here's the four of us at Z330, from left to right is Erin, Catherine, me and Nicole! I'm wearing the awesome shirt I bought in the LA airport...it says "The Governator" and has a picture of 'Ahhnold' on it! I love it! The next morning, I drove back to Conway to see Carol and Jenny and also for Thomas' birthday! I was so glad that all of the family got to come by and I got to see everyone again before I left the next morning. I think Thomas had a pretty good birthday, too! On Monday I got up, packed, and dad drove me to the airport for my flight back. I was sad to leave, but I have a lot to do here so it was time to get back! When I arrived it was Spring Time in Santa Monica! I also came home to a steady leak in my tire so I took it to get repaired and while walking home I took some pictures of the scenery.

This is actually someone's grass...Those may be weeds, but they are so cute!
This is the Miles Playhouse which was opened in 1929...it's famous. 

This is the Santa Monica Catholic Church. It's also famous - for Tom Brady's secret wedding to Giselle about a month ago. It's gorgeous!

This guy isn't famous, but I was getting a kick out of watching this squirrel in my neighbor's drain pipe. He was just sitting there keepin' watch! (I took the picture through the window so pardon the screen!) So the final part of this epic blog post: on Sunday, it was warm enough to go lay out on the beach, so Jennifer and I walked down there. She told me about a place called Paradise Cove in Malibu, so we decided to go there for dinner. It was so neat! It was right on the beach and the tables were in the sand. The calamari was amazing but the entrees were nothing to write home about. The highlight of the night was getting to see one of our favorite actors - John Krasinski, who plays Jim on "The Office." He was also there with his girlfriend, Emily Blunt, who is most known for playing Emily on "The Devil Wears Prada." I couldn't stop staring, but luckily I don't think I got caught!
Here's Jennifer being awkward..but you get the idea of the restaurant! I felt like I was on vacation!
I didn't manage to get a pic of myself, so here's my feet in the sand. I know I have ugly feet, but my toes are cool, right? Purple is where it's at. 
So pat yourself on the back because you've made it through the longest blog post of the century, but now you're up to speed. Next time I'll try not to wait so long before I post again! Who knows? Maybe I'll even post tomorrow!