Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Apologies

Sorry I have been a terrible blogger lately! There hasn't been anything that important going on, life is pretty normal these days. I guess there is one pretty exciting thing...I made the conservatory at Second City! Classes for Conservatory started September 12th and we have an amazing group. Luckily, they kept the group I've been with for a year all together and we've got a few new guys. The new guys fit in really well and they bring a lot of new energy to the group! I've also been doing a character development workshop on Thursdays. It's three hours of brainstorming new opinions and new characters that we can later use in the theater. It's a lot of fun, but challenging as well! I have 16 partial monologues due this Thursday!

I made a trip home a few weeks ago that was a lot of fun! It was so good to get to see Andrew. He's growing up so fast! I'm sad that I can't be there more often. I'll be going home in November for the arrival of Madilyn! I can't believe Andrew isn't going to be the baby anymore, he'll be a big brother! 

Here's a picture from when I was home with some of my pledge sisters. I sure do miss all of these girls! Well it's about my bedtime...Sunday nights are when some of my favorite shows come on so I feel like all I've done tonight is be a couch potato. I did manage to get some cleaning done because that's what Sundays are for! By the way, if you don't watch Mad Men you definitely should! It's on AMC on Sunday nights. It's fun to watch a show that takes place in 1960. I'll try to be better about blogging...I promise!